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Kuber is a highly addictive, intoxicating drug being openly sold under the brand name 'Kuber'.

It is disguised as a mouth freshener and packed in sachets similar to tea leaves pouches.

Kuber is a chewable tobacco, rich in nicotine, which is labelled as a breath freshener and sold in shops in plastic sachets for R2.50 - R 5.00, a small price to pay for a dangerous drug being widely consumed by school kids and taxi drivers among others. It is undetected by teachers, parents and employers because it has no smell.

The portions are placed between the cheek and the gums and chewed in the mouth. Kuber causes an intense high and if put into hot water can cause the user to become extremely drunk.

The tobacco does not comply with South African standards in terms of packaging and warnings and is therefore it is illegal.

This substance has a stronger effect on the user than Marijuana. When ingested / used, the user takes in three to four times more nicotine than cigarette smokers, making it extremely addictive. The amount of nicotine released into the body tends to be much greater than when inhaling tobacco smoke, which is what makes Kuber more addictive than cigarettes.

The health studies reveal that the drug which is openly sold as "an appealing fragrance which will please your senses" contains 28 cancer causing agents.

As a Central Nervous System Stimulant, it increases behavioural activity, thought processes and alertness or elevates the mood of the user.

Side-effects and Dangers

Available reports associate the drug with dizziness, headaches, sleeping, weak teeth and gum bleeding. There are serious consequences that come with the consumption of Kuber and people are misinformed about the dangers of prolonged use of it.

A further caution is that Kuber is a cause for concern because of the mental health issues associated with it. It impairs memory and causes depression even mere addiction to it is a mental problem.

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