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G - SAL Distribution is a supplier of drug, alcohol and nicotine testing devices. Established in 2008 through our own experience with addiction we are able to offer all of our clients a supportive & confidential approach when it comes to drug and alcohol testing of staff, learners or family members that are caught in addiction.

Drug testing and addiction is not something that should be taken lightly and it is not something that we take lightly either. We prefer to create a personal relationship with our clients involving proper support and advice on testing. We are flexible in our approach and will adapt to the client's needs and offer an all - round approach when it comes to drug testing and dealing with the problem of addiction.

Our services include the following:

Sales and Distribution of drug of abuse tests:
Urine, Saliva, Surface, Sweat and Substance testing, alcohol tests: breath and saliva and nicotine tests: urine and saliva on an order basis if the client choses to carry out testing themselves. Training on the use of the testing devices is free and available on request providing the client is based in Gauteng. Training is important to ensure correct understanding on the use of the testing devices.

Mobile Drug Testing: Workplace Drug Testing, Pre Employment Drug Testing, Personal Drug Testing, Learner Drug Testing which includes testing and counselling depending on the test results.

Pre - Employment Drug Screening

Comprehensive training workshops for staff members, school teachers and management related to drug awareness and prevention (causes, signs and symptoms, drugs of abuse etc.)

Counselling Services are provided but vary depending on the need of the individual or the company. Group therapy can be implemented at companies or schools as well as one on one counselling sessions for individuals.

Mobile Counselling Services: If the person is not able to get to us, we provide on - site counselling services. Our counselling services are not restricted to addiction only and we are able to assist with other needs as well.

Drug Testing Services whereby we will come out and test a single individual and provide the necessary counsel if a drug test is positive. Testing can also be done at our offices.

Informative talks to parents and learners, youth and church groups on the dangers of drug addiction; this is usually carried out at parent evenings on the school premises.

G - SAL Distribution works very closely with Freedom Recovery Centre based in Nigel. They are one of the first government registered rehabilitation centres that offer a long term program. Their rates are affordable and medical aid will pay for a three month stay.


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